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landscaping for the fun of kids

My name is Amelia - welcome to my blog! I am the mother of four very active boys ranging from 9 years to 3 years. When I am making improvements around my home and my property, I try to focus on how I can make those improvements while keeping things fun for the kids. This past year, I worked with a landscaper to create an outdoor environment that was fun for the kids, but looked nice from the road. I wanted the landscaper to design some elements into the yard that the kids could limb around on and let their imaginations run wild without having to worry about things getting destroyed in the process.

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Some Clever Supplies That Will Make Yard And Garden Work Easier For You This Summer

When you are browsing the home improvement aisle of a department store, or when you make your annual visit to a garden shop for plants, consider some useful supplies that might make your life easier. Gardens and yards can be a lot of work, so if you spend any time at all outside, planting in a garden or sprucing up your yard, these are things that you really should not be without.

A roll of landscaping fabric.

This stuff is pretty amazing; it prevents weeds from climbing up through and impeding the look of your borders, edging, or beds. The key is to weight it down with some sort of aggregate, such as gravel, or to cover over it with mulch. This will save hours of time spent on your hands and knees pulling up weeds!

A bag of diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is a great alternative to insect repellents and insecticides to control garden pests. This powdery substance is non-toxic for humans and pets, but is lethal to crawling or slithering insects that try to cross its path. This stuff is very inexpensive, and it can be sprinkled on plants, leaves, and paths to keep harmful bugs at bay.

A yard and garden cart.

Forget the wheelbarrow this summer; a garden cart is so much easier to handle and convenient to use. These can be pulled with one hand, instead of requiring two, and they often have wider, sturdier wheels. These may also have other uses and purposes, such as a great wagon for the farmer's market or receptacle for yard trash.

A gardening vest.

Make simple chores far easier by keeping all your supplies close at hand in a great gardening vest. These are found widely, and typically have lots of compartments, pockets, and features that allow gardeners to keep tools and supplies on them at all times. These also make a cool gift for any gardening enthusiast.

These items are great to have on hand when working in the yard, and trying to maintain a property. Check your local retail venues, such as Charles Bopst Trucking, for availability and costs, and compare to what you find online to ensure you are getting the best deal. Enjoy the warm weather and make your summer simpler with these clever and useful items; consider giving these to any gardener during gift-giving seasons, too. They'll be thankful that you've made their lives easier.