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landscaping for the fun of kids

My name is Amelia - welcome to my blog! I am the mother of four very active boys ranging from 9 years to 3 years. When I am making improvements around my home and my property, I try to focus on how I can make those improvements while keeping things fun for the kids. This past year, I worked with a landscaper to create an outdoor environment that was fun for the kids, but looked nice from the road. I wanted the landscaper to design some elements into the yard that the kids could limb around on and let their imaginations run wild without having to worry about things getting destroyed in the process.

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Troubleshooting Small Problems With Irrigation Systems That Cause Big Hassles

If you want a lawn and landscape that looks green and pristine, there is no doubt that an irrigation system is the way to go. However, if the irrigating sprinkler system that you have in place is starting to get some age on it, there is a good chance that some parts of your property are looking anything but perfectly hydrated. Here are a few of the most common problems that old irrigation systems can start to display and the fixes you need to know as a homeowner. 

Over-Saturation In Spots

After your sprinkler system kicks off, you are left with specific spots that seem to be floating in water and your lawn is starting to show signs that it is getting way too hydrated in spots. If this is the case, it is very likely that the sprinkler heads that you now have are either malfunctioning or starting to deteriorate, allowing too much water to one area, instead of being lightly distributed as it should be. The easiest way to solve this issue is to have the sprinkler heads professionally replaced and while you are at it, have the professional check to make sure there are no line leaks that are contributing to the over-hydration problem. 

Lacking Water Flow

Over time, water flowing through the small water lines that power your sprinkler system can become inundated with calcium deposits and mineral buildup. The easiest way to spot this problem is by assessing your water flow. If it starts to look like you have very little water pressure and the sprinkler configuration is no longer as far reaching as it once was, it is time to have your water lines either flushed or replaced. A contractor may be able to flush the lines with a high-pressure water tank, but in some cases, the buildup will be so bad that they lines will have to be replaced. 

Intermittent Sprinkler Function

You have your sprinkler set on a timer system that allows you to control how much water you use and how often the property is hydrated, but if the electronic timer goes bad, you will start to see that the system does not react according to the settings you supply. This is usually a simple fix, involving a new electronic timer and relay, but with older systems, it can be difficult to configure a older irrigation system with a modern relay. 

If you are having issues with your irrigation system, in most cases, the small problems you have can easily be diagnosed and repaired. However, if you have issues that you cannot narrow down and diagnose on your own, be sure to talk to a professional (such as T & J Landscape Services) for more information.