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landscaping for the fun of kids

My name is Amelia - welcome to my blog! I am the mother of four very active boys ranging from 9 years to 3 years. When I am making improvements around my home and my property, I try to focus on how I can make those improvements while keeping things fun for the kids. This past year, I worked with a landscaper to create an outdoor environment that was fun for the kids, but looked nice from the road. I wanted the landscaper to design some elements into the yard that the kids could limb around on and let their imaginations run wild without having to worry about things getting destroyed in the process.

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Reasons To Hire A Service To Blow Mulch Around Your Landscaping

Mulching around trees and in plant beds has several purposes. Your plants are more attractive, weeds are kept at bay, and the bark chips can even help improve the quality of the soil for healthier plants. If you have a large yard and a lot of mulching to do, you could be facing a lot of work if you plan to buy bark chips by the bag at a garden center. An easier way to apply mulch is to hire a service to spread it around your yard for you. Here's why you may appreciate this convenience.

A Mulch Service Provides The Materials

Hiring a service to mulch your landscaping eliminates the need to bring home bags of supplies. If you have difficulty lifting, stooping, or working in your yard, then carrying bags of wood chips around and bending down to spread them could be too hard on you. A possible solution is to have bulk bark or rocks delivered, but then you'll have a mound of materials you'll have to shovel into a wheelbarrow and haul around your yard. Mulching is difficult work and you may not have the time or physical ability to do it, so hiring a residential mulch service is a good way to give your plants the protection they need with no stress on you.

Mulch Blowing Doesn't Harm Your Yard

A residential mulch service can blow the materials of your choice around trees and in your plant beds without having to drive a truck on your yard or even push a wheelbarrow through your grass. There won't be bags of wood chips stacked on your lawn or a big pile of pea gravel sitting in your driveway. Instead, the service uses a large flexible hose to shoot the bark chips or tiny rocks where they're needed. The hose is long enough that the truck stays in the street and all that touches your lawn is the light, flexible hose so there is no damage to your grass or plants.

You Have A Choice In Mulch

One nice benefit of using bark or wood chips is that they enrich the soil as they decompose. However, it's possible to blow small rocks through a mulch blower too. You might even want to opt for rubber or plastic so you don't have to replace the mulch as often as you do wood. As long as the material is fairly lightweight and the service you choose provides it, you can select the type and color of chips, plastic, or rocks you want for your yard. By blowing the material around plants and in rings around trees, your lawn will have a professional finish, look well cared for, and be more attractive.